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My biggest concern was that it (pageinvasion) wouldn't work, or maybe work a little. But I've tried every other one I could find (NONE OF THEM REALLY WORKED), so out of desperation I tried this software.

I published 217 pages (out of my 7,500 for a test) at 8 PM yesterday (on drip at 20 per day) and TODAY all 20 of them are now on first page - and at 3 PER PAGE!!

If you're tired of looking - you've found what you want - use the trial and you'll see that anyone can do it, then reread these reviews and take the leap... "times-a-wasting"

I sure hope my competition never finds this site!

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What is great about this plugin is the Spintax, mixing up the Meta descriptions, and more. The ability to go into the HTML and add spun images/videos is also terrific, especially if you are serving multiple clients from one site. The plugin saves a lot of time and ultimately pays for itself by not having to pay outsourced labor to do the grunt work if you plan on having a site with more than 500-1000 pages. Glad I took my friend's recommendation to talk with Martin and invest in the plugin.

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