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Mar 21

Is It Possible To Create High Quality Content That Is Spun? Yes.

This is a question and topic that has been widely discussed over the last year (Feb 2011 – Mar 2012) especially after the Panda/Farmer Google update.

It is easy to create very low quality content using an article spinner,¬† a lot of people get lazy and spin articles by using software only, and may never actually read the articles. This is how garbage content is created and propagated all over the Internet and this is what most SEO’s have an objection to.

I am of the opinion that article spinning is just a tool, and how the tool is used is up to the person using it. If you get a backhoe instead of a shovel to help you dig a hole for a pool, can you accidentally knock over the neighbors patio? or accidentally hit a gas line? Sure. Does that mean that backhoes are dangerous and a shovel is better? Not really.

Creating Quality Content Pays

High quality content has a greater value now, more than ever, as far as Google is concerned. Just because the content on PageInvasion is spun, does not have to mean that it is poor quality.

If you get lazy and just dump about 100 words, and use our free article spinner to do so, that may result in very poor quality content. Which means the pages may not get indexed, or worse. Google hates poor quality content and duplicate content both.


First of all, when you are ready to write your content, slow down. Take your time. It will be worth it. The whole purpose of PageInvasion is to let the software do the work, and you do your work. Think about what you are going to say, make sure it is new, unique and HAS VALUE  to the reader. Here is a small checklist for a quality content page:

  1. Make sure you have a few different headlines
  2. Write for a total of 300 to 500 words
  3. Add an image
  4. Make sure the info in the content has value to the reader
  5. Include outbound links to major authority sites

2 Steps To A High Quality Content Page

  1. Following the checklist above, make sure you have great content to begin with
  2. Do a MANUAL, high quality spin

What is a “Manual” or “High Quality” Spin?

Here is how to have a great spin:

  1. Have say 3 main headlines in your basic content, then have 3 to 5 versions of each one. Make sure some headlines have a small number of words, like 3 and some have a lot of words like 7 or 9.
  2. Make the headlines H1 or H2 tags
  3. Put your keywords (use shortcodes) in the headlines
  4. Write different versions of complete sentences and/or paragraphs, in addition to different words only. For example: instead of The dog is {fat|lazy|slow} you can write {That beast|The dog|Your very cute german shepard} is {lazy|chewing on my leg right now and getting on my nerves|peeing on my leg|humping the picnic table right now}. (you get the picture). It is important that there are great variations in the total number of words on any possible page, this makes it harder for Google to identify as duplicate content.
  5. Have a nice layout, make the page pretty, fun to see, easy to navigate, and no ads on it, just some internal links and one or two external links to authority sites
  6. Add share buttons so you maximize your pages!
  7. Use our free article spinner tool sparingly, use it for just one sentence at a time
  8. READ your spun content, that is what the preview page button is for, if it doesn’t look and read fantastic, go back and work on it until it does. It is worth your time. This is how to create quality content that is spun.


It is a good idea to prepare your primary keywords, secondary keyword and write spun content BEFORE logging in to create pages. You don’t want to time out while spinning the content.

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