Create Realistic, Natural Looking Page Titles

May 11

When using PageInvasion, your primary keywords and your secondary keywords will be combined to create your title tags, urls and post title. So it is important to have the best keywords in all three for optimum SEO results.

With the most recent Panda and Penquin Google updates, it is more important than ever to have natural looking and very realistic title tags or page titles. Rand Fishkin posted a great video on this subject recently on

Combine Your Keywords Twice

Instead of beginning with simple combinations like combining “web design”, “web designers” and “web design company” with “Los Angeles”, “New York” and “Chicago”, you will have better results if you make the keywords more realistic. Enhance the primary and secondary keywords for a better combination when the pages are produced.

You can start with your basic keywords like “web design”, “web designers” and “web design company” and then add some modifiers like “best”, “most popular” “great” or “local”. Add those words to “web design”, you will still rank for term “web design” it will just be included in the more long tail keyword. Actually, combine your keywords before you combine your keywords. You can use our free word combining tool to do that. Add these modifiers to both the primary and secondary groups of keywords. At the end of the day, it is just making the keywords even more longtail…and actually “web design” isn’t really a longtail keyword to begin with. PageInvasion is all about exploiting the longtail.

So, you want to end up with something like “great web design companies in the Los Angeles area” instead of “web design Los Angeles”.

Build Pages In Small Groups

Finally, as you modify these keywords, keep them organized, and build out your pages in small groups. We recommend building out anywhere from 50 to 250 pages at a time and doing about 15 to 20 sets of those pages. You will still end up with thousands of pages but Google will like them much better if they are very unique.

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