Does Google Index Spun Content?

Apr 19

From our experience yes. There may be many reasons to use spintax or spin format. I believe the sticking point for Google may be that just because content is spun does not mean that it is necessarily poor or low quality content. For that reason I don’t see where Google can ever not index content that is spun, but you never know.

Google Sitemap IndexingThe image on the left shows a recent project of ours using PageInvasion plugin. We only built about 300 pages, this was a small group of pages, for a client. As you can see, all pages that were submitted, were indexed.

How Long Does It Take To Get New Pages Indexed?

With all of our new PageInvasion projects, we have seen Google index all of the new pages at one time, thousands, and also we have seen Google index just a few (hundreds) of pages per day. According to Google Website Guidelines, they try to look at quality, subject matter and try to determine if content is original, and has value to the user. If your content is good and provides value to the user, and you spin it correctly, you should have no problems.

By using our built in sitemap creator, you can build your sitemap, in XML and HTML formats (HTML format so you have some links (internal) to the new pages right away)) and also submit the sitemaps instantly with the push of a button to Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask search engines. You may also want to export all of the new pages, paste into Excel, select only the URL’s and then paste them into our built in Pinging tool, this will ping each one of the newly created pages, further expediting the indexing process.

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