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For the most up-to-date list of features along with additional support and best practices information please see the readme file.

  • Creates hundreds or thousands of optimized web pages

One of the primary uses of PageInvasion is for Local SEO and small business search engine optimization. Enter in main keywords, then enter in secondary keywords, which can be names of cities, states, areas or towns, etc. Then enter in content in spun format. PageInvasion combines main keywords with secondary keywords to create unique pages. Each new page created has keyword in URL, Title tag, heading and in user generated content. Content is 100% custom and user generated. Users can create multiple heading tags in content area, h2 tags, etc. for best on page SEO.

  • Monitor rankings of all created pages

Includes rankings of pages in Google from admin. See how many pages are on page 1 of Google and what number they are exactly. Makes easy to see and easy to report to clients.

  • Create pages using only one group of keywords or combine 2 groups of keywords

If you are using PageInvasion for Local SEO, you may want typically use your main keyword like “plumber” and put the names of the cities in your secondary group of keywords like: “New York, Los Angeles, Houston”, etc.

However, if you want to rank nationally for long tail keywords you can just make your list of longtail keywords, and use only them for primary keywords and leave the secondary keywords window blank. Remember to group the keywords and build pages per group based upon relevance.

  • Spin description meta tags

Another step towards maintaining quality, original and non-duplicate content on all fronts.

  • Pages can be edited as groups or individually

After pages have been created, they can be edited and republished. Pages can be built in groups (recommended) by creating keyword groups based upon relevance. by creating pages in groups, organization is easier and pages can be managed.

  • Allows for spun content

Spun content, “spintax”, allows for non-duplicate content, make sure to spin as much as possible. Check number of possible variations by clicking on “check variations” button.

  • Drip Feature allows user to select how many new posts or pages get published each day

Instead of publishing all pages at once, PageInvasion will publish certain number of pages per day until all pages are created. All other pages will be stored in Draft. You can select how many pages to be Publish per day by choosing to create between a limit (for ex 🙂 20 and 40 and PageInvasion will publish between 20 and 40 pages randomly per day. Draft posts/pages will be visible only for admin.
You can change this min and max value anytime from manage pages section. Every time when cron job runs to publish pages/posts from a group which had  Drip Creation Enabled, you’ll get a short PageInvasion cron report.

Remember to create new xml and html sitemaps, submit to search engines and ping all of the new pages or posts when the Drip Publishing feature has been completed.

  • Shortcodes allow for On Page SEO fine tuning

Add [keyword] to insert specific keyword for that single page and [location] and PageInvasion will add that keyword for the single specific page and the name of the secondary keyword or geographical area, city, town, etc. on that page. The use of shortcodes is crucial for fine tuning on page SEO and is 100% controllable by user.

  • Push button sitemap creation in XML and HTML format

After pages have been created users can click to instantly create sitemap for new pages in either XML or HTML formats. Use XML format to instantly submit to search engines to expedite crawling and indexing. Use HTML version to create sitemap page to further expedite indexing and internal linking. Getting the new pages indexed quickly is crucial in small business search engine optimization efforts.

  • Push button submission to search engines

After new pages are created click to instantly submit newly created sitemap (XML) to search engines. This helps you get new pages crawled and indexed more quickly.

  • Page Number Calculator

When keywords are typed in, or pasted in, PageInvasion will automatically calculate the number of pages that will be created. PageInvasion multiplies the primary keywords by the secondary keywords to create total number of pages. For example: 5 main keywords X 5 cities = 25 new pages. Each page will be optimized for the combination of every main keyword and every main city name.

  • Article Variations Estimator

After content has been entered and spun, click on Estimate Variations button to see how many different versions of the content are possible. The more variations possible, the better, to avoid duplicate content issues.

  • Auto Spinner

When content is entered, typed in or pasted in, user can spin manually, or enter in spun content from other source or use PageInvasion’s built in Auto-Spinner. This is a basic spinning program and it is recommended that users either spin manually, pay to have it spun or use more robust spinning program for best results. Best results can also be achieved by user free spinning program and manually reading, reviewing and editing the results for quality. Make sure your content is very readable and makes sense.

  • Create Pages In Groups

Pages are created in groups for future editing and management. Name groups according to keywords or targeted niches.

  • Edit Group Of Pages

Click on group name to edit main content being shared by a group of pages.

  • Edit Single Page

Open a single page to make edits to that page only. Each individual page can be edited normally.

  • Select Template For Page Design

Template options are dependent upon the theme installed in your WordPress site. Choose template for page design for new pages.

  • Keyword Density Management Via Shortcodes

PageInvasion recommends using additional SEO plugin, such as SEO Vibe or All in One SEO Pack to fine tune on page SEO. Use both [primary] and [secondary] as shortcodes to insert either primary or secondary, respectively, keywords for that individual page. Use shortcodes to increase/manage/edit keyword density for each page.

  • One Click Preview

Click to preview what new page will look like prior to creating and publishing.

  • Page Creation Queue

When new pages are being created, they are sent to page creation queue. Pages are sent in small quantity at a time to reduce load on server and to expedite page creation time. When high quantity of pages are being created, the speed of completion is dependent upon users server speed and Internet connection. Queue can be stopped and can be restarted where creation was left off. Queue can be monitored via page creation queue.

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