Ping New Pages To Get Indexed Faster

Apr 4

Getting New Pages Indexed

Google’s search results are not live, new pages must be crawled by Google and must be indexed by Google to show up in the search results. You still may be able to navigate to a new page if you know the exact address, but it will not show up in search results unless it is in Google’s index. As you may be well aware, creating new backlinks or new web pages is one thing and getting them indexed may be another, not all of the time but on occasion. It depends on the links or pages.

Existing Tools

For this purpose we provide a few tools already to help facilitate and expedite getting new pages indexed. The first tool is the creation of a sitemap just for Google and other search engines, this is in .xml format. After creating an XML sitemap you can then submit that sitemap to Google to crawl. We provide simple easy to use tools to do this after your new pages are created. What also helps get the new pages crawled is the existence of an HTML sitemap. You can easily create a sitemap in HTML format which will also help get pages indexed. We recommend doing both.

Free Pinging Tool (New!)

We have recently added a free URL pinging ability, this will send an actual ‘hit’ to each of your new pages, this also will help get the new pages indexed, and get them indexed more quickly. We recommend doing all of these actions to get your pages indexed asap.

In The Works

We are currently working on a submission feature that will actually create real backlinks to each of the new pages, we expect this to be complete and in new updated version within the next 30 days. If you are an existing customer, disable and delete your current version of PageInvasion and install the most recent version here.

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