How To Find Keywords

Dec 8

Find Keywords For PageInvasion

You need to find keywords before you are ready to create your pages. Before going into comprehensive keyword information, this blog is focusing on finding keywords for use with PageInvasion. A lot of the same rules apply, and basic SEO rules are the same. To be specific, the kind of keywords you want are called long tail keywords. You will need software to help identify the best keywords, some are listed below.

PageInvasion exploits long tail keywords. These are keywords that have a relatively low monthly search volume but are very specific and have very low competition, so they are easy to rank for. A specific part name or part number is a good example, it is not typed in Google very much, but when it is you want your page to appear for it. A good example of a long tail keyword is: “whirlpool dishwasher part number AT25634-T” or “walk in zoom teeth whitening services”. You want to combine these long tail keywords with other keywords, usually names of cities you want to rank in, cities, areas, zip codes, etc. This is why PageInvasion is so useful for Local SEO.

Find Keywords With Google Free Keyword Tool

One of the fastest, easiest and cheapest solutions to find keywords with is the Free Google Keywords Tool. You can find about 800 keywords at a time if you login with your Google GMail account. If you don’t have a GMail account, just create one, it is free also. Since it limits you to about 800 keywords at a time, you may have to do a search, download the results, and do another search, download, and then compile the results.

Find Keywords With Wordtracker

Wordtracker is another great solution for long tail keywords. It is a little pricey, like $49.00 per month, so if you are only doing keyword research once and a while it may not be worth the investment.

How Many Keywords Do You Need?

PageInvasion will take however many Primary keywords you have and muliply them by the number of Secondary keywords, 5 Primary keywords X 5 Secondary keywords will equal 25 pages. If you purchased a license for creating 5000 pages, you will have to calculate how many primary keywords you can have an how many secondary ones you can have.

After you find keywords you like, copy the list into a notepad file, so the code is clean, don’t use Word or it may add a bunch of unnecessary code. It is best to pick your keywords, pick your cities and multiply out how many pages you will create before logging in and actually creating the pages. This will save you a lot of time and frustration.

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