HTML5 Microdata Enhances Local Search

May 29
Using Microdata For Local SEO

Microdata Automatically Generated.

With the current update of PageInvasion, users can now have Microdata inserted into a group of pages. This enhanced communication with the search engines and enhanced display in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s) can be a great benefit to Local SEO efforts.

The best or recommended use of this feature is designed for anyone wanting to rank high in various locations, City’s, but only have actual one physical location. This previously has been a challenge because of Google Places requirement to have actual physical address in a specific city.

Group Posts By Cities

Users can now create a category for each city that they want to rank in, then create one post that is designed for each city, using only keywords containing that city name. While creating the content for this city’s group of pages users can now enter in any physical address that is in that particular city into the Microdata schema generator and every post created for that group will reflect that physical address for that physical location. This rich snippet data will now be communicated to the search engines directly when they spider your site and also be displayed in the SERP’s.

When entering in content in your main content area, look for the little purple PageInvasion logo next to the “insert image” icons. This will bring up all of your options to create microdata.

More about Microdata schemas:

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