Installing ionCube PHP Loader on Your Hosting Server

Mar 12

By default, ionCube support is enabled on most web servers by their hosting providers. In a few cases, if it is disabled then you can easily enable it manually.

How to know if it is enabled or disabled?

After activating PageInvasion plugin, if you see this message “Site error: the file {YOUR_WEBSITE_ROOT_PATH}/wp-content/plugins/pageinvasion/library/twilight_loader.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader to be installed by the site administrator”, it means that the ionCube PHP Loader is not available on your server.

NOTE: Before enabling  ionCube support, you must enable Zend Optimizer. The ion cube lines of script must be above the Zend Optimizer script in the php.ini or php5.ini file. For more information, see Using Zend Optimizer.

To Install ionCube

  1. Download the compressed Linux x86/ Windows x86 binary file from ionCube’s site. We recommend using the ZIP file.
  2. Upload the compressed file to your hosting account. For more information, see Uploading Files Using the FTP File Manager.
  3. Unarchive the compressed file in your hosting account. For more information, see Unarchiving Files and Directories with Your Hosting Account.
     Unarchiving the compressed file creates the necessary /ioncube directory.
  4. Add the following lines of script to your php.ini file using PHP4 or php5.ini file using PHP5 to reference the absolute path to the binary:


    NOTE:: If your account does not have a php.ini or php5.ini file, you must create one.

    • To find your absolute path / {YOUR_WEBSITE_ROOT_PATH}, see Finding Your Hosting Account’s Absolute Path.
    • Replace “X.X” with “5.2” using PHP5, or “4.4” using PHP4, see How to find PHP version installed on web server?
      NOTE: The zend_extension script must appear as the first line after[Zend].                                                                      

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