Mirror Sites For WordPress Local SEO

Feb 20

Creating A Mirror Site For Local SEO Using

PageInvasion And WordPress.

What is a mirror site?

In this context a mirror site is a site that is A. Very similar to the “money site” or “real” site, and B. Is usually used for SEO purposes. The specific SEO purposes are generally for the creation of very highly relevant back links. You don’t have to create a mirror site when using PageInvasion, but you can if you want to.

One example of a recent mirror site we created was for client www.desertk9trainingsolutions.com, they offer dog training services. They are based in 29 Palms but wanted to draw business from about 40 min. south, down in Palm Springs. There are more potential clients in Palm Springs. The challenge was that they are physically located in 29 Palms, so even extending the radius in their Google Places map listing would not target the Palm Springs area, it may include it, but not target it. We would not get the results we wanted.

We did a quick domain search and were lucky enough to get new domain “dogtrainingpalmsprings.com”, the only reason it was available, and not as a premium domain, was because of the low search volume for that keyword “dog training palm springs“. We built a mirror site with the Exact Match Domain (EMD), set it up as an autoblog, added a local (Palm Springs) news feed with the RSS feed widget and added homepage links to the main site. It was a little work to setup and we check it every week, but it started pushing the main site up in the search engines as soon as it was indexed.

If you are using PageInvasion, there are other reasons why you may want to create a mirror site. One of them is risk. PageInvasion is a tool, it can be used many ways, it is cheap enough so that a lot of people can have access to it. You can do whatever you want with it pretty much. If you build 5000 pages and Google doesn’t like them for some reason there is always a risk, with aggressive SEO that the site will get slapped, sandboxed or banned. So if you have a client that needs SEO and you don’t want to take that risk, create a mirror site, run PageInvasion on the mirror site, with links back to the main site. You can even emulate the main navigation of the main site on the mirror site, visitors may not even realize the difference and you can create thousands of back links to the main site instantly.

Another reason is practicality. I have a client whose site is not built in WP, it is built with ECommerce CMS bigcommerce. PageInvasion is the perfect solution. The client has a delivery area around Southern California that includes some specific cities and not others. With PageInvasion, we put in the specific cities along with hundreds of longtail keywords. The problem was that the site is not built in WordPress. The clients main site www.giftboxroses.com sells only roses, they are purchased and ordered online and then hand delivered. So we bought mirror domain “buyrosesonline.net”, setup WordPress, installed PageInvasion and as of this day/date are in the process of building the pages.

We have another client who has been stuck at #4 to #6 for their keyword, their main site is www.castlebrookbarns.com, that is the name of their company, their main keyword is “horse barns”, they bought domain: castlebrookhorsebarns.com a few years ago and we may use that, perfect for a mirror site and PageInvasion.

You can create a handful of autoblog mirror sites without PageInvasion and if you setup the linking right, you will have an automatic linkwheel, this will keep links coming to your main site.

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