Organizing Your Pages Into Groups

Feb 21

How To Use The “Groups” Feature

We recently built a mirror site for main site/client  Centerpoint Church: is the mirror site. We are still working on it, but it is up and functioning as of the day/date of this writing. In creating the pages for this mirror site we saw a typical and great example on how and why to use the “groups” feature in PageInvasion.

The landing pages are going to be based upon the keywords, so you will first get an idea of what groups of pages to create by looking at your keywords. Below are some excerpts of the keywords we used for the Centerpoint Colton client:

youth bible study
youth ministry
youth bible study camp
youth christian counseling

christian alcohol counseling
christian counselors
christian alcohol recovery
christian alcohol treatment

churches bloomington, ca.
church bloomington, ca.
church san bernardino
churches colton, ca.
church colton
churches colton
churches rialto
churches bloomington
churches san bernardino

Groups Of Keywords

You can see by the example above, keywords many times are in groups, and you want to maintain this structure when creating your pages in PageInvasion. You can see the subject matter and area of focus, in terms of content, vary with all of the above keywords. In this example you may want to create 3 groups of pages: one for youth oriented subjects, one for alcoholism related options and one just for church info.

This allows you to login to PageInvasion later and make edits, updates and any changes just to that specific group of pages, without effecting the other pages.

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