PageInvasion Compatible With WordPress ver. 4.6.1

Sep 26
Using Microdata For Local SEO

We are pleased to announce that PageInvasion has been updated and is now compatible with the latest version of WordPress, version 4.6.1. PageInvasion continues to work as an effective and affordable (one time cost) solution for Local SEO clients and other uses for clients all over the world. We offer free installation with every purchase and can typically resolve any issues very quickly (within 24 hrs.) that may arise from other platforms or plugins, etc.

PageInvasion continues to be stable, effective and reliable when it comes to a powerful and affordable solution for building out hundreds of legit, good content, etc. pages for Google to spider, index and rank. Remember the quality of the content is up to you, PageInvasion is just a tool, like a backhoe, it is up to you, the user, to create compelling, unique and high quality content, along with images and/or video. As you may already know, the content can be spun any way you like, we recommend manual spinning. It is tedious and takes longer than using tools like SpinRewriter or Word AI, etc., but we believe you will get the best results from manually spinning your content.

You can use the automated spinning tools for other SEO applications, like content for tier 1’s, etc. or building out your Web 2.0 Tier 1, but not for the money/PageInvasion site. Of course it depends on the industry, but we regard manual spinning as best practices, when using PageInvasion.

Watch the video on our homepage and see if you can use this great plugin to rank hundreds of your (or your clients’) pages on the first page of Google.


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