Updated Features and Readme File

Jul 19

= Extended functionality = (updated 19 July 2012)

* Upload Random Images:
You can use random images with each page/post. Please check screenshot-6.png and screenshot-7.png

* Dynamic Meta Description for Every Pages created by Pageinvasion:
It would be time consuming to manually set meta tags for thousands of pages. Pageinvasion has provided option to create meta tags for every page dynamically.
You can use Spintext with shortcodes ([PRIMARY] & [SECONDARY]) to make it unique for every page. Please take a look at screenshot-8.png

* Enable Drip Creation: (screenshot-9.png)
Instead of publishing all pages at once, PageInvasion will publish certain number of pages per day until all pages are created. All other pages will be stored in Draft. You can select how many pages to be Publish per day by choosing to create between a limit (for ex 🙂 20 and 40 and PageInvasion will publish between 20 and 40 pages randomly per day. Draft posts/pages will be visible only for admin. (screenshot-9.png)
You can change this min and max value anytime from manage pages section. Everytimne when cron run to publish pages/posts from a group which had  Drip Creation Enabled, you’ll get a short PageInvasion cron report.

* Cron Issue with Drip Creation:
if WP-Cron does not run for Drip Creation, check this solution:

* Export Urls:
You can export all urls (pages/posts) from a Group from manage pages section so that you can use them for your SEO strategy.

* Generate XML/HTML sitemaps:
Generate XML/HTML sitemaps on a click and submite them to all major search engines. You can also use short-tag [SITEMAP] to show HTML sitemap on a page.

* Ping Bulk Urls:
Updates multiple services and search engines about updates to weblog content, with a single ping. Note: You can export urls of a Group from “Manage Pages” section.

* Manage No. of Pages Per Queue:
By default page creation queue process 10 pages per queue to bypass server overloading problem. It is recommended to keep this value below 20 page per queue because server resources are limited for Shared Hosting plans. If you have VPS or Dedicated server, you may increase it up-to 50 pages per queue.

* Spin queue manually processing:
If your Spin queue stops due to some server issue then no need to worry. You can restart the same queue manually from “Spin queue” section.

* Microdata: (screenshot-11.png and screenshot-12.png)
Pageinvasion allows you to quickly and easily add Microdata to posts and pages in accordance to schema.org standards. Microdata may be used to communicate exact location, address, etc. to search engines via special code. Using location or local address Microdata may help search engine rankings, it is for this reason we have developed this plugin.
Main uses are:
a. For Local SEO
b. Use on Pages or Posts
c. Change local data (Address and name of City) per post
d. Hyper-Localize your posts and pages
e. Additional data displayed in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s)

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