Recent PageInvasion Updates and News

Mar 25

Recent Updates

Some of the most important updates over the last few months have really increased the power of PageInvasion and enabled users to get even better results. Updates have included:

  • Ability to create pages using only *one* keyword, primary keyword. This is another step back from any duplicate content concerns users may have. We have never had any issues re: duplicate content, but we feel that providing as many options as possible with the plugin is a good service to you, our end users. This option may be attractive to anyone who has a long parts list for instance, PageInvasion would create a single optimized web page for literally every part. Also can be used for a long list of related services, further exploiting the long tail keyword.
  • Spin Description Meta Tags. This is an awesome upgrade, allows you to spin description meta tags and optimize the description meta tag by use of short codes. This further optimizes each page with no duplicate content.
  • Sort keyword rankings data for all pages by column. This is a nice upgrade, allows users to see all of the number 1 and other rankings at a glance, which makes it easier to make your backlinking decisions, on what pages to send back links to.
  • Drip feature. Allows you to build pages over time, instead of all at once.
  • Page building speed. Allows you to control how fast pages are built, if you are building thousands all at one time.

Affiliate Program

PageInvasion will soon have an affiliate program. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate please send an email to “affiliates[at]”. The commission will be lucrative, and we will have nice banners and marketing materials for you to use.

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