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by Ken on PageInvasion
The best software for ranking

As long as you aren't my competition this plugin is for you!
PageInvasion does exactly what is stated on the website. Exactly. I have been using Page Invasion for more than a year now and it still works just as well as always.
Martin has always been very helpful and quickly answers all questions. He and his support team also take care of any problems very quickly. A lot of software companies could learn a lot from Martin and his team.
I recommend PageInvasion to everyone who is NOT my competition! It's the best money I have spent for bringing business in on the internet.

Thank you Ken!

by Alan on PageInvasion
web designer NOW also SEO marketer!

Martin was a big help / now I see why there are so few "how-to-videos" because he personally helps you.

My biggest concern was that it (pageinvasion) wouldn't work, or maybe work a little. But I've tried every other one I could find (NONE OF THEM REALLY WORKED), so out of desperation I tried this software.

I published 217 pages (out of my 7,500 for a test) at 8 PM yesterday (on drip at 20 per day) and TODAY all 20 of them are now on first page - and at 3 PER PAGE!!

If you're tired of looking - you've found what you want - use the trial and you'll see that anyone can do it, then reread these reviews and take the leap... "times-a-wasting"

I sure hope my competition never finds this site!

by Dallas Fort Worth on PageInvasion
Thanks To Martin

Martin was kind enough a few weeks ago to answer a phone call I had about a specific problem (not with his plugin) that was forcing me to spend time & money on "grunt work". He gave me two solutions which helped cut the workload I was experiencing by roughly 3/4!

What is great about this plugin is the Spintax, mixing up the Meta descriptions, and more. The ability to go into the HTML and add spun images/videos is also terrific, especially if you are serving multiple clients from one site. The plugin saves a lot of time and ultimately pays for itself by not having to pay outsourced labor to do the grunt work if you plan on having a site with more than 500-1000 pages. Glad I took my friend's recommendation to talk with Martin and invest in the plugin.

by Nick N. on PageInvasion
Local SEO

This is the perfect app for local SEO. I am very impressed.

by Ryan McEniff on PageInvasion
This Program Has Paid For Itself

We continue to have success with your program. We have gotten at least a dozen house cleaning calls in the last 2 months since you were able to index our spun pages. Without a doubt this program has paid for itself

by Ryan McEniff on PageInvasion
Getting New Calls

We have gotten two calls from a town in which we previously have not gotten a lot of calls from. We have gotten at least 5 new calls from towns in which we do not usually get calls from. Thanks!

by Adrian Oprea on PageInvasion
This is not a toy !!!

I just tested the Free Demo and I am absolutely impressed how fast I could create the pages. It took me 2 minutes to configure the way I wanted my content to show up and 20 seconds to generate 25 pages with unique content. I couldn't even count the number of variations the software gave me for the page content. This plugin is something I plan to use in the near future for my customers ! Try the Demo and I bet you'll want a license after you test it! Great work !

by Dave on PageInvasion
Holy S*&T

64 pages of the 1st 100 I made last week with my new template my partner made are on page 1. The trick is to not use the article piece of your template more than 50 times.

For SEO in “city” we are page 1…….64 keywords… 2 weeks.

Testimonials, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings