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Tips & Tricks

  1. Use as Local SEO WordPress Plugin, one of the main uses of this plugin is for Local SEO, use the second group of keywords to include cities or locations you want to rank in. Put in all your main keywords in the first keyword text area, then add all of the cities you want to rank high in in the second keyword text area.
  2. Write your spun version of your content first, in plain text editor or web page editing program like Dreamweaver. Do not write in MS Word and then paste in, paste from plain text editor for clean code.
  3. Use your homepage or a product page to start spinning from. It is easier to use existing content that is yours and spin it than it is to start from scratch. Once you have written the spun version, keep it on file for your records in case you want to use it in the future.
  4. Use the second group of keywords for local SEO or to refine your optimized pages for however you like. For example, if you are a real estate broker with 30 agents, put all of the main real estate keywords in the first keyword text area then just add the names of all your realtors in the second keyword text area. Then your pages will be optimized and potentially rank for your real estate agents’ names as well as the main keywords. You can do this with products by listing actual part numbers or popular part names in the second keyword text area. You can also add buying keywords in addition to you main keywords, such as “prices, pricing, buy online, online”, etc.
  5. Add a contact form in your main content area.
  6. Create links throughout your body copy in the main text area, you can create links to your main site, specific pages or a second or mirror site.
  7. Create a mirror site or affiliate site and include graphic links on all your new pages, you can create thousands of backlinks within an hour.
  8. Get hundreds of good keywords from other source than Google. Use Scrapebox to scrape tons of keywords, export them and then paste them into your secondary keyword window.
  9. When using as local SEO WordPress plugin, add zip codes for large Cities or for specific areas.
  10. This plugin is more than just a local SEO WordPress plugin, create test pages at first, or try online demo first. Create test pages to see how plugin works and to get a feel for it. After test pages have been created, move to trash, then permanently delete.


Can be used mainly as a local SEO WordPress plugin, but also many other uses. This plugin is just a tool, like a backhoe to dig a swimming pool. Use your best judgement in creating new pages in terms of quantity, and quality.  If you create 10,000 new pages or more you may run the risk of getting your domain slapped or banned by Google or other search engines. This tool is to be used at the users discretion. If you are not sure, do some research and find out what is recommended. It is our feeling that it is not good to create too many pages at one time, perhaps 300 to 500 or up to a couple of thousand, but it is up to you. PageInvasion, it’s creator and company Walker SEO is not responsible for any website getting slapped, penalized, de-indexed or banned by Google or any other search engine for going crazy and creating too many new pages at once or for any other reason. Use at your own risk and your own discretion.

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