Unarchiving Files and Directories with Your Hosting Account

Mar 12

If you have stored archive files within your hosting account, you may find a need to unarchive them, either to again work with an older file or merely to uncompress an archived file you’ve uploaded. You can easily unarchive your compressed files using the FTP File Manager located within the Hosting Control Center.

To Unarchive Files and Directories

    1. Log in to your Account Manager.
    2. Click Web Hosting.
    3. Next to the hosting account you want to use, click Launch.
    4. Click the FTP File Manager icon in the Content section of the Hosting Control Center.
    5. Navigate to the directory in which the file to be unarchived is stored, and then select the compressed file you want to unarchive.

NOTE: You can only unarchive one file at a time.

  1. Click the Unarchive icon in the action bar.
  2. Select an option, as follows:
    Select Destination
    Uses the default destination and allows you to enter the name of a new or existing destination folder. To navigate to an existing directory, you can click Browse and select the folder into which you want to unarchive the selected file.
    Overwrite existing file
    Overwrites any files or directories with the same name within the selected destination directory.
  3. Click OK.

Your file is unarchived in the selected destination directory. All files and directories are now uncompressed.

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