Using PageInvasion in 2016

Jan 5

PageInvasion continues to be a successful, powerful tool in 2016.

Using Page Invasion 2016This year we made the PageInvasion site Responsive, like all of our other sites, 🙂 and have had some great success stories as customers continue to see ranking benefits from using PI. One of the key features of PageInvasion is the original content, which comes from you, the user.

Quality content is becoming more and more important as we all move forward, especially with tools like AI and SpinRewriter. So, as usual, we recommend manual spinning. It is more tedious than using an automated or semi-automated spinner, but when done correctly, will give you the SEO benefits you are looking for from a software like PageInvasion.

Take your time in building your keywords, put your keywords into groups, build your groups of pages first, then write your content (or have it written for you) for each group of pages. Keep the groups of pages to a few hundred or so each, then manually spin the content. This will increase your chances of having hundreds of pages ranking on page one of Google.

Our schema tool, which is included with every installation of PageInvasion for free, continues to be important in SERP’s as well. Please watch the videos or see the screenshots if you have any questions or need help with using the Schema tool.

The most successful process for our clients seems to be:

  1. Do your keyword homework

  2. Create groups in PageInvasion

  3. Write great copy/content (including using images and/or videos)

  4. Manually spin it

  5. Build good, brand-based or naked backlinks

If you have any questions about this plugin please contact us any time.

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