Which Is The Best SEO Plugin To Use For WordPress?

Feb 21

Best SEO Plugins For WordPress


Most SEO plugins for WordPress deal with “on page” SEO. If you talk to any SEO expert most will agree that you need both “on page” SEO and “off page” SEO. “Off page” SEO is pretty much building back links to your website, and accounts for about 80% of the impact you are going to have in your rankings.

Does that mean you can ignore “on page” SEO? I don’t think so, every website is different, every industry, product, etc. If none of your competitors have done any “on page” SEO and you download a great WordPress plugin for “on page” SEO and tweak all of your pages, and none of you are doing any “off page” SEO, then chances are good you will, very quickly out rank your competitors.

With that being said, I don’t put too much time and effort into “on page” SEO, just the best practices basics, because the “off page” SEO has so much more power. You can have a web page that has great “on page” SEO and it can be buried by a web page that has tons of back links pointing to it. The “on page” work is easier to do also, which means many people do it.

There are tons of SEO WordPress plugins and most of them deal only with “on page” SEO”. It is for that reason that I prefer the ones that are small, lightweight (code wise) and easy to use, like SEO Vibe. All I care about is title tag, heading tags, keyword density, internal links and custom description. This plugin does all that. And the title tag is probably the biggest thing. Bing seems to really like the keywords and custom description metatags, if you care about ranking in Bing.

There are other SEO plugins for WordPress like Yoast and the All in One SEO Pack, but I found those too complicated for me. I rush through the on page SEO generally, just get it done, make sure I have my keywords in the title tag and have good custom description, with keywords, some heading tags and I am good to go. I put more time and work into the off page, link building work.

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