Why We Don’t Recommend The Best Spinner

Apr 6

The Best Spinner is a great article spinning tool, many agree that it is the best on the market. It has many features that set it apart from other articles spinning programs, it has been around for a long time and has great support.

To be specific, we don’t recommend it for use with PageInvasion. The reason why is because PageInvasion is different than article marketing, it is not an article marketing program. If you just have one domain with PageInvasion, you may spin your content once, maybe twice and a few edits and then not need to add any more pages or content for months. You are not really spinning an article with PageInvasion as much as you are spinning content.

It is possible if you take your time with The Best Spinner and you are very good at using it you could create well spun content, we just don’t recommend it.

What Do We Recommend?

If you are using PageInvasion we recommend spinning content manually. We have also created a very simple but effective free spinning program that can help you spin a sentence or two during the process. After Google’s Panda update and the Venice update in late February 2012, the quality of content is more and more important. Just because an article is spun doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be poor quality. You can maintain high quality content if you spin the content manually.

So, take your time spinning your content for PageInvasion, make bulleted items and spin them, make some sentences 3 to 5 words and say the same thing with an alternate sentence in 13 – 15 words. Create alternative paragraphs, with word counts that vary wildly, the results will be worth it.

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